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History of Knapp & Schlappi Lumber

The attached information is provided by Peter Schlappi's grand daughter Leah Perry from her 4th grade History Fair project in 2003.

In 1956, Knapp and Schlappi was not a store, it was a small Saw Mill. Saw Mill The Saw Mill was in Crystal Valley on Route 230. My great Uncle Wilfred Knapp(tall man on right)Grandfather Peter Schlappi and Great Uncle Wilfred Knapp and my Grandfather Peter Schlappi(boy on left) started it all. Working in the Saw Mill was a very hard and tough, only men would do the job. Now most Saw Mills are gigantic. Today, small Saw Mills usually belong to the Mennonite Community. Our Saw Mill was used for 16 years! In 1959, construction was started on building pole barns Knapp and Schlappi Pole barn from 1959and the store part of Knapp and Schlappi Lumber Company. Also in 1959, my Great Grandfather, Charlie Schlappi joined my great Uncle and Grandfather in a three way partnership. The opening day of the store was March 1, 1959. The Barrington Knapp and Schlappi store took twelve years to complete. The store in Barrington was used from 1959 til 1980.

In 1974 there was a chance to buy the Keuka Lumber Company Keuka Lumber Companyon Lake Street in Penn Yan. We bought this small lumber business and ran both stores for six years. After the purchase of Keuka Lumber the store was expanded so much that houses next to the store were purchased then taken down to make more room for the expanding lumber store. It was decided to combine both stores and have one big new store, at Knapp and Schlappithat time the Keuka Lumber store was renamed to Knapp and Schlappi and the Barrington store was sold. Our new store has run very well. In 2000, my Great Grandfather, Charlie Schlappi passed away and my Grandfather, Peter Schlappi retired. In 2001, my Great Uncle Wilfred Knapp passed away. Now the store is owned and operated by my Danny Knapp, Tom Schlappi, Steve Perry and Wendy Olneydad Steve Perry, my uncle Tom Schlappi, Danny Knapp and Wendy Olney who are the children of Wilfred Knapp. In 2007, Uncle New look of Knapp and Schlappi 2003Tom Schlappi left the store.

After 22 years here in the new store, we decided it was time for a new look and here it is, this photo was taken March 2003, just 44 years after the grand opening of of our Knapp and Schlappi Lumber store in 1959.

This last photo is how our store looks today, May 30, 2011. Photo taken by www.csnfoto.com.